4. Design Development

Product development is the second phase in the development process which takes place after a concept design has been selected for further development. During the product development phase, our in-house development team will work based off the concept designs and turn these from 2D into digital 3D models. This is the start of turning a concept into a reality. 3D models are able to give us a look into the finer details of a new product and are the first step in visualizing the product designs. Product development is often a continuous process before a product can be launched.

A new product has to go through several tests during the development process, to make sure it is ready to be put through further development and to make sure it can be optimally used by the end user. After analyzing, gathering feedback and improving, product development can be put through the next phase. The next phase in the development process is Product Visualization. You can click here to learn more about the next phases. Have you got any questions regarding product development or are interested in what we can do for you? Then click here for a free consultation!